How To Do Local Seo For Businesses Without Physical Locations In 2021

People with bad intentions (e.g., e-mail address scrapers) build bots that don’t follow this protocol. In fact, some bad actors use robots.txt files to find where you’ve located your private content. It’s better to NoIndex these pages and gate them behind a login form rather than place them in your robots.txt file. It’s possible to block search engine crawlers from part or all of your site, or instruct search engines to avoid storing certain pages in their index. While there can be reasons for doing this, if you want your content found by searchers, you have to first make sure it’s accessible to crawlers and is indexable. I’m working with a dental practice that has one location that they use to serve a service area radius of about mins drive time, which encompasses several other small towns.

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Index/noindex tells the engines whether the page should be crawled and kept in a search engines’ index for retrieval. If you opt to use “noindex,” you’re communicating to crawlers that you want the page excluded from search results.

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The boundaries of such areas shouldn’t exceed about two hours of driving distance from where the business is based. Hybrid business models became more common in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, and there is no single defining feature of them. They are only united when all of them are looking for ways to increase visibility to customers in a specific local region. Your home address is your physical location, and you may either serve nearby customers at your house , or go to nearby customers to serve them , or you might do a combination of both . The defining feature of your business is that you’re working out of your house.

  • Moz is in need of an experienced CMS developer to be an integral member of our website/growth team.
  • And, of course, all of these things contribute to lower spending across the board.
  • US Travel’s year-end assessment determined there was a 48% drop in travel-related spending for December 2020 compared to 2019, and a year-long loss of $500 billion.
  • Although the support from the US government throughout the pandemic has been lackluster at best, there’s a possibility of additional support.
  • But because of that, I think a lot of us in the business world, in the marketing world, are experiencing pain, particularly in certain industries.
  • Organic search results are sensitive to a searcher’s location, though seldom as pronounced as in local pack results.

It’s important to emphasize here that home-based SABs are not allowed on the Google Maps product and that Google’s workaround for this is that they can be included in Google My Business by virtue of hiding their addresses. Failure to hide the address could risk suspension and removal of the listing. If privacy is a special concern for a particular business, it’s important to know that if Google has any record of your home address, bugs or policy changes could lead to it being visible at some point. Google doesn’t have clear enough provisions for this specific model, but basically you will be handling it as you would an SAB that needs to hide its address.

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They will run the gamut of brick-and-mortar, SAB, virtual, and hybrid models, all from their living rooms. A common approach that I can’t recommend is the development of thin, duplicate city-level landing pages for every city across the country. You see footers all over the Internet laden with links to dozens of city-level pages of very little value. So, according to this representative, if the business formerly served customers in person and intends to resume face-to-face appointments when it hopefully becomes safe to do so in the future, then eligibility isn’t harmed. List the business as you would any home-based business, following the guidance shared above in this section. It would be a good thing if Google would update their guidelines to share this timely information.

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