Another consideration is the company’s presence in several locations.

They offer Customs Dry Bonded Warehousing, Parcel Delivery Service, Pick & Pack Services, Value-Added Services, Logistics Management, Food Grade Storage, and several other services. The Bibby Group is an international distribution group operating in multiple countries and with over 100 employees. Murray Hogg is one of the oldest and probably the most experienced haulage companies in the country. TELS Group is a Transeuropean company currently based in the UK with over 11 branches in the UK, Poland, The Czech Republic, and other CIS nations. Road Haulage is the leading haulage company in the United Kingdom and a member of the Road Haulage Association operating from Heathrow Airport and the M3/M4 Corridor. There are mostly involved in the transport of heavy pieces of machinery, products, and bulk deliveries of the same products.

  • Sustainment leaders and literature place an unreasonable emphasis on sustainment perspectives from the operational and strategic levels of war.
  • This is a cost-effective way to offer customised supply chain management to businesses by eliminating third-party costs, documentation, technical delays, and inefficiencies.
  • The company offers delivery for multiple niche companies including pharmaceuticals, plant & machinery, printed matter, frozen foods, just-in-time delivery, and oil and gas.
  • Another consideration is the company’s presence in several locations.
  • Using regular storage could damage these and can cause your business to lose a lot of profit.

Addicon Logistics is equipped to handle your project cargo needs. If you want one of the best service providers to handle your cargo, do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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Recognize that sustainment units are not equipped to fight the next war. Review range-control policies and coordinate with appropriate agencies to permit safe training with “adaptations” and unorthodox platforms. Sustainment units may appear ludicrous and primitive under this method, but they are training how they will truly fight.

MITCO is our brand in PTL business and we need not to give you proof of our committed time delivery. Working at XPO is very rewarding and provides a great deal of self-pride uss express reviews in the work I do. I am able to branch out and learn about different divisions and departments within XPO all to help serve our customers on a daily basis.

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We can definitely accommodate all your questions about logistics. Our facilities are also ideal for keeping your products safe and secure. With our wide global network, coordination has been more efficient. Addicon has worldwide representations in over 50 main Seaports and Airports to facilitate our One-Stop SCM solutions to our lists of Corporate clientele. Last Mile refers to the last leg of your product’s trip before it reaches its end user. Apparently, this is crucial to complete any transaction of goods. If you are managing an eCommerce business, you have to ensure that the agency that handles your last mile fulfillment is credible and could deliver on time.

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Remember, not all container haulage companies have the same experience in the industry. It is a must to hire an agency that has already proven its worth. Grow with us and allow our team to handle your loading and unloading requirements. What sets Addicon apart from its competitors is that we can serve a wide range of industries. We can handle the container loading and unloading requirements of FMCG, oil & gas, fashion, and even medical devices. Whatever package you need our company to handle, we can do it for you. As we’ve mentioned, Addicon has been in the industry for multiple years.


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